All about us

good design is good business


Founded in 2016, Studio 3020 is a global brand and design agency with offices in the Vancouver. Our ideas and creativity help our clients live across different platforms. And they’re always ideas we can deliver. Rebrands, graphic design, film, photography and artwork, 3D, animation. All led by creative. All equally strong.


What we offer is more than just services.

web design

Our team of extraordinary talented designers will create one-of-a-kind web design just for you.

graphic design

We will work with you and create a logo, banner, brochure that are fresh, innovative, commands attention and truly means business.

Visual Identity

Our team delivers authentic brands that transport cities, communities and destinations toward their full potential.


From concept to final cut, we can produce a professional promotional video for your business that captures exactly the story YOU want to tell. Our team brings you high production quality at an affordable rate.


Niko Huang

package design

Niko is one of the most insightful and adaptable designers I’ve ever met. Not only does he have a keen understanding of business needs, he also knows how to work under technical constraints.


UI&UX design

Qiao is a very talented and versatile designer. He methodically applied user-centered design best practices to rapidly design and validate solutions that successfully met the needs of our end users.

Xuan Wang

Graphic design

Xuan’s combination of creativity, pragmatism, and attention to detail enable him to solve a wide range of usability, technical, and business challenges.

Donn LIN

Web design

Donn has ability to rapidly decompose and re-assimilate the problem space as strategic focus shifts and technical limitations are imposed has been an invaluable asset to product development team.